Marketing roundup of the year 2022

The team here at CW Marketing had a pretty great year in 2022. We had some fantastic results for our clients, and while there were the usual ups and downs along the way, we were able to finish the year off strong.

In this article, we want to share some of our achievements and challenges from last year. We like to be honest – it can’t all be rosy!

28% increase in online sales

One of our ecommerce clients has seen a steady, yet noticeable increase each year in their online sales since they started working with us. And last year was no different as they saw a 28% increase in online sales compared to the previous year.

Having set up an online shop on their website, managing social media adverts and running Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to drive relevant traffic to the website, we wanted to create further sales by scaling up using the Google Ads.

This could be done by optimising the product information on the google shopping data feed, in order to increase the visibility of the product listing ads for the most relevant of search terms.

We ensure an optimum Google ads setup for your account, including product segmentation, campaign structure and bid strategy.

Ongoing monitoring and clearing of product data feed warnings and errors, budget and bid management to maximise the return on investment.

Alongside running this shopping campaign, we continued our monthly digital marketing retainer. This included writing articles that were search engine optimised (or as we like to call it, “SEO’d”), organic social posts, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns set up and monitored and email newsletters created and sent out to the clients database.

If you are running an ecommerce business and are wondering how to increase your online sales, give us a call today on 01202 888200.

77% social media ‘referrals’ success

As part of our digital marketing retained packages, we usually include a social media management package. This will often include posting updates about the company, sharing article links, case studies, reviews and testimonials and industry updates. A business’ social media platforms give that business a personality and a way to interact with their customers, so we don’t neglect this important opportunity. We can run ad campaigns across Facebook and, where relevant, Instagram and LinkedIn.

With a legal client of ours, our plan was to grow their social media presence, increase engagement through both organic and paid media, and drive clicks through to the website. However, our plan quickly hit a brick wall when we couldn’t get access to the ad account that had already been set up in connection with their Facebook page. This meant that we wouldn’t be able to run any adverts on Facebook from their account, making things slightly more complicated. I think others will find that trying to get help from Facebook can be a little challenging!

Despite this, we set about posting organically on the page, publishing colourful graphics that celebrated new starters, employee achievements and client testimonials, sharing links to articles written by the team and events that the staff and company were taking part in. With every post that went out, we tried to add in a call to action (CTA) and a link to the website.

Once we had got a steady flow of content that we could organically post, we set our attention back to figuring out how we could start running some paid adverts on the platform. We were eventually able to start running adverts from our own business Facebook account, setting up the Facebook Pixel tracking code on the website so that we are able to record conversions and behaviours from those clicking on the adverts.

These campaigns included a monthly page like campaign which had the sole objective of promoting the Facebook page to a local targeted audience that might be interested in the company and their updates, as well as specific traffic campaigns that promoted individual departments within the company.

Since organically posting and running monthly paid adverts for this client, their company social media pages have seen a 77% increase in referrals to their website. Not bad ay?

We are still struggling to get access to the company’s ad account, however our dedication to finding a workable solution has allowed us to obtain some great results, pushing more traffic to both the Facebook page and their website.

30% monthly increase in service users/complimentary consultations

We were excited to welcome a new digital marketing retainer client over the summer of 2022. They expressed to us that they were looking to promote their business and more specifically their complimentary consultation around the local area.

Knowing that their results would be impacted by seasonality, we set up a monthly percentage increase key performance indicator (KPI) that allows us to compare the month to the same period the previous year, rather than the prior month.

We worked with the client to create a digital marketing retainer package that would enable us to work together as a team to achieve this. The package was set up to include an article written by us which targeted keywords that we wanted to boost Google rankings for, an email newsletter, social media organic posts, social media advertising and Pay Per Click campaigns.

We also added in a few hours for ad hoc marketing activities which would include reviewing articles written by the clients and optimising it for SEO, and design work for printed adverts in local magazines.

While we would love to say that we have consistently achieved a 30% increase in service users, we would be lying and that isn’t our style. But we are incredibly proud to say that using this package we have been able to hit the KPI for the majority of months and over a 6 month period, the average means we’ve actually exceeded the 30% target and hit a 43% increase.

Wimborne Bid’s new website

Wimborne Bid came to CW Marketing to tender for the design and development of the new Wimborne town website. The brief was to create an attractive, intuitive design in line with their brand values, be user-friendly, responsive and easy for the Bid team to make basic amends.

The site would be used by people wanting to find out more about visiting the town, such as travel information, attractions and things to do, where to eat and drink, shops and a comprehensive events calendar.

We were thrilled when we were selected to create the site, especially as it’s our home town!

Both CW Marketing and Wimborne Bid are extremely happy with the end result of a few months of planning and hard work from both sides! The website went live on the 1st June 2022 with a bang and received lots of press and social media coverage.

The site has received fantastic feedback from both users and Bid levy members who have been busy updating their business profiles and uploading events and news to the website.

We are pleased to see that since the website went live on the 1st of June, over 20,000 people have engaged with the website, with almost 50,000 page views. The site proved to be indispensable over Christmas, as they ran various Christmas events; in one day the site saw over 600 users!

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