Why every business should have a Google Business Profile

We all know the power of Google, it is the world’s most visited search engine and currently holds more than 92% of the search engine market*. Think about the reach that translates into! This is emphasised by the fact that Google is not only a noun these days but is also a verb with a common phrase being “I Googled it,” … you don’t hear people saying “I Binged it,” or “I Yahooed it.” Take it from us, a digital marketing service in Dorset, Google is not a space you want to miss!

A Google Business Profile is an easy way to get your business visible on Google, so it can become an important part of your marketing strategy. In this article we will share some of the reasons why a Google Business Profile is a great marketing tool for your business.

What is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile is the renamed Google My Business. The name change is reflective of a desire to bring more of the business profile management to Google Search, Maps and other Google apps.

It is a free business listing on Google (unsurprisingly). Your Google Business Profile is a place for you to add all the details of your business, from location and services to opening hours and contact details. Creating this profile is a great way to get your business showing across the different Google tools such as on search results pages or Google maps.

At the moment, a Google Business Profile is only available to a business that has contact with their customers; this could be through having a physical location (such as a shop or restaurant) or meeting them in other locations (like an electrician). If you are solely on online business you are unable to create a profile (but there are ways to get around this).

Why you need a Google Business Profile

As a digital marketing services provider, we know that visibility is key to getting traffic and leads from the internet. As we said above, Google Business Profiles are an easy way to be seen, but there are more reasons as to why we think you need a Google Business Profile.

Control what information is online

Google has a lot of information and countless websites, so sometimes your website might not be found on a standard Google search. A Google Business Profile allows you to have an easy to find place where you can control and update your contact information, opening hours and services/products available.

Google Business Profile - control information

Share contact information, opening hours and your address.

You can also easily add temporary changes such as holiday opening hours and share any updates about your business such as any temporary closes, or service expansions or reopenings. (Think of it is another social media platform!)

Google Business works as a directory service, and the profiles have strong SEO rankings, meaning that this profile, with the most up-to-date information and a good number of reviews will rank higher than other directories you may be listed on which may have out-of-date details.

If you have a digital marketing retainer with us, keeping your Google Business Profile up-to-date is even easier as we can do all the updates for you.

Be found on Google and Google Maps

People turn to Google for a referral, whether they are looking for a website for more information or a physical location they can visit, Google will be a go to search engine for most people.

Your Google Business Profile will show on the right hand side of the page on any relevant Google searches. It will also show on Google Maps, giving your business lots of visibility for not a lot of effort.

Google Business Profile on Google Maps

Show up on Google maps.


Having a Google Business Profile will improve your local SEO ranking, which means you are more likely to appear on the Google search page when someone is searching near you.


Google Business Profile on Google Search

Appear on the right hand side of a Google Search.

Build trust

Google Business Profiles also have a feature which allows customers to write reviews for your business. Reviews act as social proof; we all check out the reviews before we spend money on something, whether that is buying something off Amazon, or trying out a new hairdresser. So. reviews build trust and credibility for your company.

Google allows the customer to leave both a star rating and a comment so they can say as much or as little as they wish. You are also able to respond to every review that comes in, meaning that you are showing potential customers that you engage with your customers and listen to them. This is also part of building trust up around your business.

The downside of these Google reviews is that you can’t actually remove the negative ones. But this shouldn’t really worry you, as Google finds the mix of good and bad is more trustworthy than a load of 5-star reviews. In responding to the bad reviews, you are showing another side to your customer service which will show your attitude towards your customers, hence why they can help build trust and not tear it down.


Google Business Profile Reviews

Reviews left for CW Marketing.


As part of your social media management in your digital marketing retainer with us, we can include responding to your Google reviews for you, so that a review never gets missed while you try and run a business.

Posting on your Google Business Profile

Another feature available on Google Business Profile is that you can share everyday updates to people who don’t follow you on other social media platforms such as Facebook.

This means that you can share fun things that you have been up to, giving your business a bit more personality and showing the person behind the business more.

This can often help make the business seem more approachable, helping you get phone calls and messages from potential customers.

As part of our digital marketing retainer we can create and schedule posts for you to go out on your Google Business Profile, keeping it engaging, and up-to-date.

Share posts on Google Business Profile

Share what you are up to.


Want to make more of Google Business Profile?

If this article has made you think that you should be making the most of Google Business Profile, get in touch with us to discuss how we could help. Simply call our expert team on 01202 888200, or email info@cwmarketing.co.uk.