CW rates the best and worst Christmas ads of 2017

CW rates the best and worst Christmas ads of 2017

It’s this time of year when all the big brands are fighting for the coveted prize of ‘Best Christmas Advert 2017’. So we caught up with some of the CW team to find out what they think are the best and worst Christmas ads.


Best: McDonalds – 8/10 (If only it wasn’t for McDonalds!) ‘This one really pulled at my heartstrings as it reminds me of my childhood and putting out the snacks for ‘Santa and his reindeer’. I think it tells a lovely story of family traditions, although I still don’t think McDonalds when I’m looking at getting carrots!

Worst: John Lewis – 4/10 ‘I’m a sucker for a Christmas ad, especially the long awaited John Lewis advert, which basically brings a tear to my eye every year, but, this year I was very disappointed. An unforgettable Christmas song, for me is key to their advert and they just didn’t hit the nail on the head with this one. I personally prefer the leaked fake version that was released back in November.’


Best: Lidl – 7/10 ‘Finally, a relatable advert! Lidl have totally stripped back the meaning of Christmas and made a video which shows how mad Christmas can be, with no silly animated animals. Only thing that lets this down is the music; I’d watch it with the sound off!

I also think their social media videos are genius! They highlight those ‘people’ at Christmas, like the ‘double dippers’ and ‘mince pie maverik’, who we all know of and it’s a very shareable.

Worst: KFC – 2/10 ‘This advert baffles me, firstly it’s not Christmassy and it’s completely unrelated to KFC. Any other time of the year and maybe I could deal with it, the talent is definitely there, but how does 6 girls dancing in a sports hall say KFC to you? They are not exactly a brand that promises healthy food!’

Sylvie & Carl:

Best: Argos – 8.5/10 ‘You may remember looking through the Argos catalogue and circling your choices for Christmas, well that’s what our kids get up to! This advert is visually brilliant and shows the modern day Santa workshop. The chase of getting the missing toy on the spacecraft is like one of our kids playing with the toys they’ll receive at Christmas! Although, how will all those toys stay put on that fast moving aircraft?!

A nod to Shell

Finally, while this isn’t necessarily a Christmas video, it has recently been released and we think it deserves a mention! Shell have launched a campaign #makethefuture whereby 5 nationally famous singers come together to represent Shell’s 5 new initiatives for greener, smarter energy. The topic of green energy is so hot and they have made it modern and ‘cool’. Give it a watch!