What are the benefits of using a PPC management agency?

What are the benefits of using a PPC management agency?

In this competitive era, businesses are now having to implement a variety of advertising methods in order to keep up with the competition. Having a great website simply doesn’t cut it anymore!

You can have the best website in the world, but without something actively driving traffic to your site, you’re unlikely to see the success that you would like. Implementing an organic SEO strategy is important, but takes time. It’s often common not to see stand-out results for at least 3-6 months from SEO alone. So how do you get those all-important customers to your site more quickly? Pay per click (PPC) advertising (such as Google Ads) is a tool that, when utilised to its full effect, can be highly beneficial to businesses.

PPC advertising popularity is definitely on the rise, with large numbers of businesses now taking advantage of the benefits that it can bring. However, just like with any other business endeavour, creating the campaigns, and then the PPC management can take a lot of time and expertise. This is why many business owners are now turning to a PPC management agency to take care of this for them.

At CW Marketing, this is where we can step in. We help a number of our clients drive traffic to their websites every month with our PPC management service. This article outlines some of the benefits that you can receive by using a PPC management agency.


It can free up your valuable time

As mentioned above, PPC management takes time. A misconception is that once the campaigns have been created, the ads just run themselves and you don’t need to spend any more time on them. It’s important to conduct regular PPC maintenance in order to make sure that your campaigns are running to their full potential, that your quality scores are good, and that you’re driving the right sort of traffic to your website. Employing the services of a PPC management agency means that you won’t have to spend your own time doing this.

At CW, our PPC management service includes at least weekly maintenance. If we’re working on a brand new campaign, we check them daily to make sure that they are running correctly, and make various changes to get the best results. Even when the campaigns are well established, we still do weekly maintenance that involves activities such as checking that the budget is being used effectively, that the ad schedule is appropriate, that the search terms are relevant and any that aren’t, are added as negative keywords.


It will give you peace of mind

As a business owner, there are probably hundreds of things that you need to be thinking about every day. Using a PPC maintenance agency to take care of your ad campaigns means that you don’t even need to think about them.

It’s important to find a PPC agency that you can trust, so that you know that your campaigns are being well looked after and are doing the job that they are intended to. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your ads are being taken care of by people who are PPC experts. A good PPC agency will send you a monthly report on the headline figures of your campaign, so that you’re aware of the campaign performance.


Your campaigns will get an expert touch

Using a PPC agency means that your campaigns will be maintained by someone who really knows what they are doing. It is their job to be experts in their field. This means that you’ll get a better standard of service, and in general, your ads will perform more successfully.

They will also be able to provide you guidance and suggestions on how to maximise the success of your ads, have the knowledge to ensure your budget is used in the most efficient way and with little wastage, and if anything does go wrong, they will be well equipped to fix the problems quickly.

Good PPC agencies will also prioritise learning, so that their staff are up to date with the latest in PPC techniques. At CW, our Account Managers are all Google Ads certified, and undertake regular training to stay on top of their game.


You could save money

One of the most common areas for improvement and money saving that we see with PPC campaigns that are managed by business owners or in-house staff members, is budget wastage. Whether you have a lot to spend, or are on a limited budget, you won’t want to waste a penny of it. Our experts make sure that wherever possible, you only pay for impressions and clicks that are relevant to your business.  We have seen numerous situations where clients have haemorrhaged money previously on miss-managed PPC campaigns.

Another area of saving is that when you choose to instruct an agency, you eliminate or save on the need to employ someone to take on some of the PPC management tasks.  Or a current employee can then spend their time on other areas of the business.

An agency will also be able to scale the level of service you can receive depending on your budget. Meaning that even a small budget could go a long way, and you will still get the expert PPC management service that you need.


How CW Marketing can help

If you think that hiring an agency to take care of your PPC management could be the right decision for you, we’d love to talk to you about your needs, and answer any questions that you may have. Our Account Managers are currently trusted with PPC management by over 20 businesses, in a range of industries including travel, technology, education, retail and construction.

So why not speak to us today on 01202 888200, or fill in our contact form. Alternatively, learn more about our comprehensive PPC management service >>.