Specialist hip replacement surgeon, and expert in modern robotic surgery.

Rob Middleton

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Professor Rob Middleton has been specialising in hip replacement surgery for over 20 years and is one of the leading hip replacement surgeons and robotic surgery experts in the country. He has even performed more robotic hip replacements than any other surgeon in the UK.

As head of the Orthopaedic Research Department at Bournemouth University, Rob trains surgeons from around the world using the latest technology.

His research aims to prevent arthritis, avoid surgery where possible, and get the very best outcomes for patients having hip replacement surgery by using the latest techniques.

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Working with CW

We started to work with Professor Rob Middleton and his Secretary back in early 2019. This was through a referral from the employees are the Nuffield Heath centre. Following a meeting with Rob to discuss his requirements, we designed a website that would be:

  • Modern but still professional
  • User-friendly for a predominantly older target market
  • Showcasing Rob as one of the UK’s leading hip replacement surgeons, and one of the top robotic surgery experts in the world.
Marketing Case Studies | CW Marketing

Why did Rob Middleton require a new website?

There was a clear requirement that Rob needed a new website. During the time, Rob’s existing website was extremely outdated and did not accurately reflect his expertise, research and latest techniques.

There was no mention of his pioneering robotic surgery work, and it did not emphasise his talents.  Individuals found the website hard to navigate as it was not clear how to get in touch with him to book a consultation.

Marketing Case Studies | CW Marketing

The Design

After discussion with Rob on the look and feel of the site, we opted for a mixture of greens and blues that fit well with the medical industry but did not look cold or clinical.

We also arranged a photo and video shoot to show a personal element to the site. Throughout, pictures of Rob with his real clients can be seen, alongside images of him in the surgery theatres and in his office.

It was important to create a feeling of warmth and confidence, so we used real client testimonials on each page of the site, and featured them in the introductory video too.

We also created ‘did you know’ features that provide the user with statistics that support Rob being an authority in this area, such as ‘Professor Middleton has now performed more robotic hip replacements than any other surgeon in the UK.’.

The Development

We developed the site to be extremely easy to navigate, but with a modern twist.

We built a fullscreen menu that sits behind a ‘hamburger’ menu icon that animates out in a unique style.

We also added animations to all buttons to ensure that they were eye-catching and encourage clicks. This helped solve the issue of it being difficult to navigate, make an enquiry or get in touch.

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The Results

The new website has a completely different look and feel to his old website. Potential clients can now book a consultation through his secretary with ease, and peers can browse his research papers too.

We now look forward to developing a website for one of Rob’s colleagues, a UK leader in Physiotherapy research and practice, particularly after hip replacement therapy.

Quote from client:

Great team at CW Marketing.

Worked with me to design and set up an innovate website. Thanks!

Marketing Case Studies | CW Marketing

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